20+ Cute Little Girl Hairstyles 2017

Almost every girl in their early age has started to show interest in beauty related things including hairstyles. So, when you as parents, can give your lovely daughter the best cute little girl hairstyles 2017, she will definitely be very excited. Even she can have the most stylish and fabulous style that can make her very impressed. All you need is just more creativity and inspirations so you can give her unique yet pretty look. It can be modest straight hair or cute curly hair with fringes. Anything is possible so let’s take a quick review of some of the best styles for girls.

Young fashionista loves adorable hairstyling like braided crown and a bow. It’s really sweet and wearable for both days at school and formal occasions like wedding or parties. It’s usually added with soft pastel bow for cuter result. Although it fits best for thick hair but it also looks great for thin hair as long as it has enough length which is at least shoulder length. Do not forget to add pretty hair accessories. Another lovely style will be braided pigtails. It’s very popular among girls and also teenagers. Basically, it involves combing hair into very smooth texture before starting to create braids on each side. Add colorful ribbons for the last touch.

Messy bun with braids is also another great choice. It looks stylish and cute at the same time. As a start, you should create French braid first. Then, go on with gathering the hair into messy bun. You can have one bun at the back of the head or two buns on two sides. If you feel you need more ideas, you should check out our collections on the most popular cute little girl hairstyles 2017 trends to copy.

1. Side Part Flip Tails Hairstyles for Little Girl

Cute Little Girl Hairstyles 2017 Side Part Flip Tails

2. Two Colorful Pigtails for Long Hair

Cute Little Girl Hairstyles 2017 Pigtails for Long Hair

3. Classic Braided Bun for Blonde Hair

Cute Little Girl Hairstyles 2017 Braided Bun for Blonde Hair