15+ Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyles 2017 Look Book

So far, Hunger Games main actress appearance has always been stunning and classy. In the last several years, her look has been going through wonderful transformation. What about this year? How attractive are Jennifer Lawrence hairstyles 2017? Let’s take a peek. First of all, let’s see how her natural hair allows her to be pretty in almost any cuts from short, medium to long. It’s fine hair that she has with a bit of messy look. The volume is simply perfect and very easy to manage. Back in times when she appeared with long hair with loose waves, she was simply stunning especially with the side parting.

Fabulous Short Hair

Recently, her look has been transformed with sophisticated short hair. Although it’s not her first debut with this length but this time she definitely looks much better than previously. This time, she comes with signature chopped pixie cut that absolutely frames her face profile in a very nice way. The volume is perfect thanks to chopped styling. Meanwhile, the fringes give the final great touch to make her look younger than she really is.

Bob Haircut

Medium bob seems to give her best look ever. Loose waves and layers create nice texture and volume. She lets it fall naturally and it looks really fine. Instead of long hair that is mostly looked feminine, she chose to look chic with bob. And she made just the right decision. She completes the cut with side-swept bang which make the look a bit asymmetrical but still stunning. Now that you’ve witnessed how pretty she can be, copying her look is not a wrong thing to do. Check out her latest pictures.

#15 Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyles

1. Symmetrical Layered Bob Hair

2017 Jennifer Lawrence Symmetrical Layered Bob Hairstyles


2. Wavy Bob Hairstyle with Layers

2017 Jennifer Lawrence Wavy Bob Hairstyle with Layers


3. Natural Braided Hair Do

2017 Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyles Natural Braided Hair Do