50+ Long Bob Hairstyles 2018: Some of the Greatest Trends

There are plenty of options for long bob hairstyles 2018, considering that such a length is pretty flexible for different kinds of hair dos. Whatever your hair texture or hair color, be sure that this kind of hairstyle will be able to make yourself look different. Let’s say that you previously have short hair and now you want to achieve a different look. Simply lengthen your hair to the medium sizing and then you are free to choose whatever hairstyles you like. Whether it is the long bob straight hair or you add some waves to the style, you are definitely having different kinds of options.

The long bob haircut can create a different look, especially if you are daring enough to tweak with the texture or the color. Let’s say that you want to have long bob haircuts with bangs, such a style can come with different kind of bangs options. Do you want to have the side swept bangs or the crisp one? Do you want to have a full bang with dramatic flair or the one with choppy cuts? All of these options can create different outcome, and you can definitely have a different look of yourself. So, ready for some of the options?

1. Messy and Choppy Two Tones Waves

2. Sleek Medium Cut for Straight Hair without Bangs

3. Inverted Medium Bob without Bangs