#10 Best Mask Tattoo Ideas and the Variants

It would be a great idea if you know the drama masks tattoo meaning, especially if you are planning to have one. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you would dig into the design, but it means that you should know the meaning or the symbol it represents. The mask tattoo can be deliver a meaningful message and it can represent, so it is only logical if you know what the means.

On the contrary to what people think and believe, there are actually different kinds of mask tattoos. Most people know only about tattoos of happy and sad masks, but there are actually more to it. Mask tattoos are usually about a face or a mask, representing emotions. After all, the face can say a lot of things without you having to do a lot of talking, so it is only logical if the tattoos to have the same effect. There are different kinds of mask tattoos out there, including:

  • Hannya mask, which is basically Japanese design. It represents a jealous and vengeful woman with envy, evil, and hatred on the expression but you can still see her humanity traces there. This design is generally scary in design
  • Tribal mask. Such as design can stand on its own or there may be another accompanying symbol
  • Theater masks. This is another popular option with white design and artistic decorations. Venetian or Mardi Grass masque designs are some of the most common examples of this design
  • Smile now cry later mask, which is one of the most likable and popular picks. It usually portrays two faces where one face is in tears or frowning and the other one is smiling.

Some of the designs are pretty girly, making them ideal as the girl tattoos designs. If you want to have such a mask design, it would be better if you can have a medium to rather big design so you can get the details. But feel free if you want to have the small one – it’s your choice.

1. V for Vendetta Mask Tattoo with Bronze Color

2. Animal Mask Tattoo with Black and White Hue

3. Unique Wooden Mask Tattoo with Brownish Color

4. Great and Artistic Iron Man Face Tattoo with No Color Fill