40+ Rose Tattoos Designs 2018: Inspirations and Ideas

Some of the rose tattoos designs 2018 will likely remain – they either become bigger or more pronounced. As one of the most popular designs for tattoos, the tattoo artists have achieved different ways to deliver various designs and outlook. Although some of the rose tattoos on shoulder may seem like the standard thing, there are some that are super stylish and super cool. They just fit perfectly with the design and also the placement. Of course, there are different options for you for the tattoos – whether you want it big or small, colorless or colorful, and such thing alike. But be sure that such a rose design will be perfect for you.

1. Big Rose Tattoo with Subtle Color

It seems like a black and white tattoo but it is not – because you can see some subtle color and blurred vague hues. It is perfect because rose is always identical with red rose and the hue for this one is subtle red, so it is a perfect match.

2. Roses and Skeleton

This is one complicated and rather unique design, combining skeleton and rose – the two different symbols of masculinity and femininity. It is also pretty colorful with big platform, so it is ideally put on the back because of the big size.

3. The Black Rose

The black rose isn’t completely red because you can still see the reddish hue on it. It is a matching color – black and red – that somehow portrays femininity and softness with boldness. To make it a statement tattoo, have one on each shoulder.