25+ Traditional Tattoos Designs Variants with Modern Touch

Nowadays, the designs of traditional tattoos sleeve are gaining its popularity again. It’s not really surprising, considering that such a design is always recurring in time. Such a tattoo design was previously popular, especially during the turn of the 19th century and during the World War periods. What makes the design special and likable, anyway?

When we are talking about the traditional tattoo design, we are basically talking about the simple but bold and big designs. The colors are also unique and bold, mainly dominated by the primary colors. For the traditional tattoo design, you should expect shades like gold, green, black, blue, red, and white. The tattoo is usually single (only one) with a rather big size. And the design is bold and eye catchy, expected to draw the beholders’ attention. In the tattoo sleeve design, for instance, where the tattoos are placed on the arms and the surrounding areas, you should expect a big and bold tattoo with bright colors. The subject can be just about anything, usually represents a meaning. So, when you see the simple sun tattoo designs, you should expect a traditional looking sun image with bright yellow or orange shade. The shape or contour should be prominent with bold color.

Of course, tattoos are the images that represent meanings. So, when you choose a certain image, it has its own meaning – whether it is personal to you or a message to convey to others. For instance, swallow designs are quite popular and it represents freedom. Roses are one of the most popular designs, representing hearts or love. When you want to choose a design, be sure that it is something that is important to you. It should have a meaning and the symbol that you hold personal. You want to make sure that the American traditional tattoos meanings suit you or represent you.

1. The American Eagle with Bold Colors on the Arm

2. Dark and Black Rose Tattoo on the Arm

3. Rose Tattoo with Traditional Bold Colors on the Arm

4. Swallow Tattoo with Unique Brown and Yellow Colors