50+ Unique Finger Tattoo Design for Inspirations and Ideas

Knowing the pros and cons of finger tattoos can help you make a better decision of which design (and also the area of the application) that you want. The finger tattoo is super cool and stylish – you have to admit it. In some cases, the tattoos can look like a ring, especially if you have the design around the finger. Of course, there are some good and also bad of the tattoo and the placement, so you should know the basic facts before making a decision.

Having the finger tattoo is pretty flexible – whether you want to show off the design or your want to hide it out, it depends on the placement of the tattoo. If you are about to hide them, the side and the inner side of the finger with the small tattoos designs will be the perfect combination. If you are about to show them off, the upper area would be the ideal place. But then again, you have to understand the facts – not everyone is okay with the tattoos. Some companies require their employees to be tattoo-free because tattoos are still related to some negative images. However, if you are a free person and you don’t depend so much on the employment, then having the tattoo won’t stop you from anything.

There are also some clever ideas for the tattoos although they may cost extra. The invisible tattoos, for instance, would be the ideal choice for those who want to look stylish without compromising their physical appearance. The ink would be invisible under the sunray, but it would be visible under the light, especially the special light. Of course, there are also some interesting designs that are applicable for the inner, upper, and even side areas. If you are going to choose the right side finger tattoos, be sure to think about the design carefully.

1. The Sailing Ship on the Knuckle

2. A Pretty Detailed Cat Tattoo on the Knuckle

3. The All Seeing Eye Tattoo

4. Girly Pinkish Ribbon Tattoo on the Middle Knuckle